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To inspire people every day with real food experience


Becoming the market leader in the hospitality industry


Diversity Workplace, Passion, Integrity & Honesty, and Teamwork

``The House of Hospitality``

Diyafa Group is a Saudi company headquartered in Jeddah city that focuses on hospitality industry. Since 2003, Diyafa Group offers a wide range of services including foodservice, events management, and restaurants management & operation; driven by highly skilled and experienced team.

Proud Contributor of Saudi Vision 2030

Diyafa Group seeks to contribute effectively to Saudi vision 2030 by localizing its aims and mission as the vision requires, stimulating investment opportunities in hospitality industry, and utilize its experience in the industry in the joint work with relevant bodies.

Our Clients

Developing fruitful relationships

Diyafa Group provides the best services and all support to our proud clients and to develop relationships into a wider perspective.

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Success Partners

Diyafa group is proud of its accomplishments and trusted partnerships with many public and private sector bodies, beside the expansion of its activities outside of Saudi Arabia.